Services Available at Your New Albany, OH Podiatrist

At New Albany Family FootCare, we take pride in offering a wide variety of medical and surgical options to our patients. We handle sports-related injuries like sprains and strains, and we also offer specialized care for patients with medical conditions like diabetes. Even mild discomfort can be a good reason to get an evaluation. Early intervention can prevent the development of foot problems that eventually hamper a patient's mobility.

General Care Services

Our general care services include ulcer treatment and prevention as well as palliative care for nails and callouses. For diabetic patients, we offer comprehensive foot screening and treatment. Warts, ingrown nails, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), and athlete's foot are all common problems treated by our podiatrist. Patients with low arches (pes planus) and high arches (pes cavus) sometimes benefit from special footwear. Preventative care like special insoles can prevent larger problems like bone spurs from developing.

Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatment

Depending on your diagnosis, a variety of surgical or non-surgical treatments may be recommended. Long-term problems like bunions and hammertoe deformities may require surgical treatment. Our podiatrist also treats patients with heel spur syndrome (plantar fasciitis). Whether you suffer from tendonitis or metatarsalgia, our friendly staff is ready to provide appropriate treatment. Here are just a few more of the conditions we treat:

- Neuromas

- Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

- Soft Tissue Masses (Ganglions and Cysts)

- Orthotic Casting and Fitting

- AFO Casting and Fitting

Learn More About Our Services

Visit our blog to learn more about common foot problems and treatment options. New patients find that we accept a wide range of insurance policies. Make an appointment with our podiatrist to find out which treatment might be right for you.