About Us

Our Medical Mission Statement

Dr. Mark E. Barnhart and staff of New Albany Family FootCare, Inc. are committed to providing the best medical and surgical foot care support for each individual patient. We take pride in calling our medical center "Family FootCare" and tailoring the specific medical needs of our toddler patients up to and including our senior patient population.   We resist the thought that all needs are the same for everyone and value the concept of customized medical care to each individual patient.

We promise to:

 • Provide the highest standard and quality of Medical and Surgical care in office and hospital/surgical center settings. 

 • Provide ease with appointment scheduling through online request and by phone with our accessible friendly staff members.

 • We provide the most up-to-date electronic medical records system which will help our patients access their health information.

 • Act honestly and ethically in all relationships

 • Respect and value the individuality and multiplicity of all individuals.

 • Dutifully anticipate the needs of our community and synergistically work with all medical specialties to provide a seamless continuum of care.

 • Provide a caring environment to those we actively serve.  We will provide this through a comprehensive and preventative care approach.

 • Refer you for further opinion when both you and the doctor agree it is necessary and would be of benefit.